Bobby Jindal Asked For Green Card at GOP Convention

Bobby Jindal
Bobby Jindal

By Jamal Whiteman

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal was barred from entering a Republican convention by security who said he looked like a terrorist.

Jim Bob Hawks, chief of security for the conference, said he stopped Jindal from entering because he looked like a Muslim and couldn’t produce his green card.

“I didn’t know who he was, so I didn’t let him in,” said Hawks. “He looked like a turban topper, even though he claimed he was born here. He could have been trying to blow up the conference, for all I know.”

Tea Party member Marty Coleman, who organized the conference, praised Hawks’ awareness.

“I think it was a minor inconvenience for Jindal, considering how he looks,” Coleman said. “He looks like he could have had a suicide vest under his jacket.”

Jindal, whose parents are Indian, apologized for looking so foreign.

“I have changed my name and my religion to fit in, but that might not be enough,” Jindal said. “I’m going to look into skin lightening creams, so white people will be more comfortable around me.”

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