Breitbart Has Video of Obamas Slaughtering Blonde, White Child

Michelle and Barack Obama

President, First Lady Seen Shouting ‘Death to Whitey’

By Jamal Whiteman is reporting President Barack Obaman took part in a satanic ritual while visiting his birthplace, Kenya.

Obama danced naked around an altar with the first lady. Several eyewitnesses saw Michelle Obama does indeed have a penis, proving she was born a man.

The Obamas then slaughtered a blonde child, covered themselves in her blood and shouted “Death to whitey.”

Glenn Beck said the video confirms all his suspicions about the Obamas.

“I think this video might indicate they’re not Christians,” Beck said. “They said ‘Death to whitey,’ slaughtered a white child and worst of all danced naked.”

Beck then directed people to buy “I hate Obama” T-shirts on his website.

Prominent birthers Donald Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpaio also weighed in on the issue.

“This proves what I have been saying all along,” said Trump, who is the frontrunner in the Republican primary. “I’ve sent my crack team of detectives to investigate the Kenya video.”

“My Cold Case posse has evidence that Obama still has a Kenyan passport, and plans to relocate there, when he leaves the White House,” said Arpaio, who is being investigated by the Justice Department. “But wherever he is, my team will have the power to arrest him.”


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