White Supremacists Think Roof is Mixed, Blame Shooting on Black Panthers, Jews

American Neonazis (Brian Stansberry)
American Neonazis. (Brian Stansberry)

White supremacists have gone online to voice their opinions about Charleston shooter Dylann Roof. Last month Roof shot nine black churchgoers in an attempt to start a race war. But Roof is not finding support on white supremacist site, Stormfront. Some posters doubted Roof was even Caucasian.

“I don’t think he’s really a white man,” said a poster called redneck69. “No true white man could be around all those blacks without breaking out in a rash. And white people don’t call their kids Dylann. I think he was a half-breed and his real name is D’quan. He also looks gay to me, look at that haircut.”

Others doubted Roof carried out the shooting, suggesting it was a false flag operation designed to make white people look bad.

“Dylann was a well-adjusted kid. He couldn’t have done this,” said poster Southerngent77. “Alex Jones said the attack was really carried out by Obama’s secret army, the Black Panthers, so the government could use it as an excuse to take our guns. Alex Jones is a reliable source.”

Other posters blamed the Jews.

“This looks like a Mossad operation,” said Stormtrooper45. “The Jews and blacks are working together to make us God-fearing Southerners look like a bunch of toothless, racist hicks.”

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