Trump Says Palin, Dash, Coulter Will Be in His Cabinet of ‘Smoking Hot Broads’

Stacey Dash (Image via Fox News video) | Donald Trump (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)
Stacey Dash (Image via Fox News video) | Donald Trump (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

By H. Peter Johnson
Conservative Correspondent

Billionaire Donald Trump is already making plans for his cabinet when he eventually wins the White House. Trump recently said he would be interested in having Sarah Palin in his administration.

“She’s very popular,” Trump said at a campaign stop. “She did wonders for the McCain campaign eight years ago and she has a great grasp of the issues.”

Trump also praised Palin’s family.

“They are a wonderful family, who show great conservative values, just like me,” Trump said.

Trump is currently on his third marriage. Court papers revealed his first wife, Ivana, accused him of sexual assault.

Last year, the Palin clan was involved in a drunken brawl at a party. Bristol Palin recently announced she is pregnant with her second child from a different father. She has never been married.

Trump also promised to fill his administration with women and minority appointees.

“I am looking at finding positions for Stacey Dash and Ann Coulter,” Trump said. “They are smart broads who are also easy on the eye. They would make cabinet meetings means fun.”

“Stacey Dash would make a great press secretary,” Trump added. “She knows the media and is smoking hot. TV ratings for White House press briefings would go through the roof.”

While appearing on FOX News, Dash said she would want a guy like Trump running the country. In a radio interview, Coulter said she believed Trump could win the election.


  1. Donald Trump for president. Yes everyday would be fun. No more problems in this country or world. Let’s all have fun. He would be right, The best looking cabinet ever. swell guess guys would certainly love it. We could all just look at the ladies and forget about world problems.

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  2. The trio of harpies. Yeah, Palin did wonders for McCain. Like helping him get blown out. Coulter, yeah, we could use a transgender person in the cabinet. Dash? Dot.


  3. So funny that he called Coulter hot….ctfu. Dash recently had complete facial cosmetic surgery, so she’s looking good, but still stupid as hell. Palin…just fill in the blanks


    • You idiots actually believe this load of crap? It’s absolutely amazing that you have no ability to separate garbage from fact. How do you function in the real world? Who gets you ready for school and playtime, your mommy still tying your shoelaces? Are you allowed to cross the street by yourselves? We are in trouble when the ignorant are led by lies.


  4. Ummm..his wife never accused him of sexual assault, the guy who started the whole LIE has already come out and said he made it up, Ivana fully supports his bid for office, and Trump would be then any liberal or conservative the media is forcing on us…. Of course, sense this a liberal trash rag (no different from a conservative trash rag…both are manipulation, lies, and deceit, and control of the ignorant masses more worried about actors and sports…SAD!)…still, sense this a liberal “news” site, the truth is unwanted and buried….


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