Bill Cosby Loses His Illuminati Membership, Parking Rights

Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby

By Steve Marx
Illuminati Correspondent

Comedian Bill Cosby is still dealing with the fallout of the rape scandal. Apart from losing several endorsement deals and having his NBC show axed, Cosby is now getting kicked out of the Illuminati, the secret group that runs entertainment, business and politics.

Senior members of the Illuminati are believed to be furious with Cosby for drawing negative attention to the group.

“We can put up with satanic rituals and people selling their souls for fame, but raping white women? We can’t have that,” said Charles Koch, Illuminati president.

Cosby has been told to turn in his Illuminati membership card, give up his parking space in the Illuminati garage and ordered to stop using the Illuminati handshake. He has also been ordered to have the Illuminati tattoo removed. The Business Standard News learned that all members are required to have an Illuminati tattoo on their left butt cheek.

However, there are still other black entertainers who are regular attendees at Illuminati events.

“We still cool with Jay Z, Kanye West and Chris Brown,” Koch said. “They are always welcome at Illuminati barbecues.”

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