Conservative Radio Hosts Claim Obama Plans to Import Army of Kenyans to Rape White Women

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama

By H. Peter Johnson
Conservative Correspondent

President Barack Obama recently bragged about being able to win a third term while he was on tour of Kenya and Ethiopia. His comments have set off a firestorm of criticism from right-wing commentators who are convinced he plans to stay in the White House after 2016.

“This proves what we have been saying for years,” said radio show host Glenn Beck. “He’s trying to set himself up for a third term. And I seriously believe he will appoint his wife to the Supreme Court, so she can have control over the laws of the country.”

Alex Jones was beside himself with rage.

“I never trusted that Kenyan,” Jones said on his radio show. “Some of my operatives have heard rumors that Obama plans to provide visas to thousands of his country men to enter the country. They will serve as his private army. Get ready to learn swahili.”

Michael Savage echoed Jones’ fears.

“I suggest you stock up on guns and protect your daughters,” Savage warned his listeners. “Obama’s army of Kenyan mercenaries will start targeting pure, white women and force them to carry colored babies. That’s what they mean by the browning of America.”

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