Alex Jones Claims Malcolm X-File Contains Obama’s Secret Plans

Alex Jones (courtesy Twitter)
Alex Jones (courtesy Twitter)

By Lucius Fox

Radio show host Alex Jones said he has come into possession of material that could bring down the Obama presidency.

“A hacker friend of mine contacted me a few days ago and said he had penetrated the White House servers and found devastating information about President Barack Obama,” Jones said.

Apparently the hacker, who goes by the name lonelyboy25, found a file containing Obama’s plans for the last years of his presidency.

“Obama plans to give executive orders that will kick white people off their land and give it to black Americans as part of reparations,” Jones said. “This information is contained in a secret document called the Malcolm X-File.”

The secret file also has other plans such as changing the name of the White House to the People of Color (POC) House and making “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” required reading for all high school students, said Jones.

Jones said the file contained other interesting tidbits such as Obama’s plans to issue presidential pardons to Suge Knight, Wesley Snipes and Bill Cosby.

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