Obama’s Third Term Will Be Stopped By Armed Patriot Revolt

This column represents the views of the author not The Business Standard News.

ConfederateFlag White HouseBy H. Peter Johnson
Conservative Correspondent

President Barack Hussein Obama returned to his birthplace this week and announced he could win if he decided to run for a third term. This is just spitting in the face of a country that welcomed him in, even though he is an immigrant.

Obama’s third term plans are just further proof of his arrogance. Has there ever been such an arrogant president? He flies around the country in Air Force One, like he owns it, and he has taken more vacation than any president in history.

Unfortunately, like a lot of American negroes, he is just lazy. He used affirmative action, connections to the liberal media and the race card to get where he is. Who would have imagined he would go all the way to the White House?

But Obama is a skilled operator. He learned from his corrupt Kenyan countrymen how to rig elections, buy off opponents or just make them disappear out right. You don’t see Republicans doing anything like that. His predecessor, President George W. Bush ran two clean, honorable campaigns and will go down as one of the best presidents in history. He stopped further terrorists attacks after 911 and restored honor and Christian values to the White House. His presidency was largely scandal free. He even did the hard work and essentially helped Obama find Osama Bin Laden. Unfortunately, Obama got all the credit for killing him.

Obama has always been very lucky. He has also used his connections to race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to hold onto power. I guess the black community was so desperate to have one of their own in the White House, they overlooked his lack of experience, corruption and the fact that he is not even a real Christian. He was raised by Muslims and communists and still retains those values.

But Obama is not one of us. He comes from Africa. We’re Americans! I’m proud to be from Detroit, not some third world African hell hole. I’m glad I have an easy to pronounce Anglo name and not some multi-syllabic African nightmare. Anglo names sound better and English is the finest language in the world, one of the easiest to learn too.

American negroes, the term I prefer, should be glad we were born here. We have the highest standard of living among black people in the world and if we worked harder and avoided doing illegal activities that get us thrown in jail, we could be in an even better place. The problem is American liberals are keeping negroes captive on the liberal plantation. If American negroes want true economic liberation they need to adopt conservative values. Trickle-down economics works! If we free the wealthy of their crushing tax burden, they are bound to invest their money in the country. One of the best things we could do is stop having out-of-wedlock kids. The baby mama culture is allowing lazy black men to get away with shirking their responsibility.

Lastly, as the great conservative intellectual the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson said, we should be thankful for slavery. Sure, slavery killed a couple of million people and slaves were raped and tortured for decades, but look on the bright side. Americans negroes were introduced to the eternal salvation of Jesus Christ, who washed away our dark, heathen past and made us as pure as snow.

It’s time American negroes started backing a party that espouses true Christian values, and that would be the Republican Party. if Jesus was alive today, I believe he would have voted Republican. Jesus was all about giving money back to the rich and telling people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

If the black community, had supported Herman Cain, we could have elected a real American negro, who would have made a much better president than NoObama. Fortunately, we have less than two years before Obama leaves and hopefully returns home to Kenya. He was such a bad president he made Jimmy Carter look like George Washington!

If Obama tries to stay in the White House beyond 2016, an army of patriots will chase him out at gunpoint, and I’ll lead the charge.

H. Peter Johnson is a conservative commentator who has written for a number of respected news websites such as Talon News and the National News Report. He believes the salvation of the black community lies in supply-side economics and Christian values, instead of leaning on the liberal plantation master.


  1. If you really believe Obama. Is staying in a third term. Your an idiot. And Obama was born in America unlike Ted Cruz born in Canada raised a Cuban.
    And Obama is a Christian. I swear I don’t know where you get this crap. Open your mind. You want republicans in again. So people loss everything again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You gotta love the timing of this “opinion”, as it comes just days AFTER the President said that, if he COULD run for a third term, he’d win, but that “the law is the law” and he can’t.
    Seriously: the Fascist propaganda of the Republican Party is getting more and more pathetic. GOP propagandists need to contact unofficial Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, Frank Luntz, for new Fascist GOP propaganda LMAO


  3. Wow aint that America, freedom of press however, you should have done more research. Christianity was forced upon us as a distraction from reality then and still to this day. We are not lazy people, we pretty much built the infrastructure of this country even the White House. Your an idiot anyway having any faith in the political system of this country, our votes dont count and neither do we sheeple. Black White Mexican Asian race doesn’t matter anymore, they got all of us right where they want us Distracted by idiot wanna be writers and media heads like you who keep up race issues to get a rise out of idiots. Wake up stupid, presidents can only hold 8years in office. Next time do your research and learn how many positive things Obama has done for all races. Its a sad time in this country with all the injustices against Obama and Blacks in 2015 but, its going to take many more years to erase the hate as many of the white devil racist die of old age hate. The 6,000 years of white devils controlling this country IS OVER. It would be beneficial for you to marry a strong Black woman to pick your face up off the ground as WE BLACK AMERICANS Continue to conquer and contol, we still have Obama in office til next year and baby, you aint seen nothing yet.


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