Trump Supporters Think Egotistical Billionaire Can Identify With Plight of Working Americans

Donald TrumpBy Billy Dane

After bombastic billionaire Donald Trump shot to the top of the list of GOP presidential candidates, The Business Standard News decided to interview some real-life Trump supporters to gauge opinions.

Bloomberg recently held a focus group for Trump supporters and they had varied reasons for liking the star of “The Apprentice.” Trump supporters said they liked the fact he didn’t censor his comments. Others were impressed with his accomplishments and thought he could get things done.

So what did the people we talked to say?

Bill Warner, a Trump supporter from Kentucky, said he thought Trump, the son of a real estate magnate who inherited millions when his father died, could identify with the plight of working Americans.

“Yeah, he might own casinos, fly in private jets and be married to a model half his age, but I think he understands what it’s like to have your home repossessed, work a minimum wage job and wonder how you’re going to pay for college,” Warner said.

Joe Watson, a Trump supporter from Alabama, liked Trump’s views on immigration.

“We need a president who is going to tell them dirty wetbacks to go back to where they came from and take their raping and drug dealing with them. Even the ones who were born here,” Watson said “We don’t want more beaners over here. Alabama needs to hire real Americans to work the fields. The blacks used to do it. We need a president who is going to protect American jobs.”

A recent Reuters article found Trump’s companies applied for more than 1,000 work visas for foreign workers. He also makes items for his clothing line in China.

Pat Scranton, a retiree from Arizona, said he liked Trump’s tough talk with foreign nations.

“We need a president who is willing to tell rag-head nations like Saudi Arabia, Jordan and all them other Arabs, that we’re willing to bomb the boots off those camel f**kers,” Scranton said. “Obama wants to sit down at a table and talk diplomacy. Trump understands the military and won’t have qualms sending our soldiers to f**k up them Muslims.”

Trump received several deferments enabling him to avoid serving in Vietnam.

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