Allen West Announces Presidential Run, Draws Support From Neo Nazis

Allen West (Gage Skidmore.)
Allen West (Gage Skidmore.)

By Billy Dane

Former Rep. Allen West is the latest Republican to join the already crowded field. West announced he was running for president after being urged to join the race by his followers.

“I’ve served my country in the Army and in Congress,” said West. “Now I intend to serve at the highest level.”

West also announced some of the issues he plans to focus on during his campaign.

“We need a stronger military,” West said on his website. “We also need to break down the walls between government and Corporate America, so they can act as one.”

West said one of the biggest threats to America was Islam, which he doesn’t consider to be a religion.

“Islam wants to destroy America,” West said. “I plan to pass a law, not only banning immigration from Muslim countries, but also stopping the construction of mosques. I would also prohibit Americans from using the name Mohammed. That’s a terrorist name.”

West also said the government should keep tabs on all Muslims.

“I suggest Muslim Americans wear yellow crescent buttons on their shirts, so we can tell they’re one of the good ones,” West said.

His announcement drew praise from a surprising source. Several members of white supremacist site Stormfront said they liked West’s ideas.

“He might be a spear chucker, but I like what he’s saying. He hates Arabs as much as any white man,” said Neonazijoe12. “He reminds me of another leader who also believed in a strong defense and went after his nation’s enemies. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I could see myself voting for him.”


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