Creflo Dollar Asking for Money to Go Into Space

Creflo Dollar
Creflo Dollar

By Hamish Balfour
Entertainment Correspondent

Prosperity gospel preacher Creflo Dollar says he wants to be the first preacher in space and is raising $20 million to buy a ride on a Russian rocket.

“This will be a great moment in church history,” said Dollar, who is asking his followers to donate $200 each toward his trip. “I will be the first minister in space and I will also offer special prayers that will get to God faster.”

Dollar also said the idea came to him in a dream, when God asked him to do something bold that the world would remember.

“Preachers with private jets are a dime a dozen, but to my knowledge nobody has preached the gospel from space,” Dollar said. “I’ve been all over the world, but not out of the world.”

Dollar, who raised eyebrows when he asked his followers to pay for a new $70 million Gulfstream jet, has caught flak for his lavish lifestyle, which also includes luxury cars and million-dollar homes. However, Dollar says his lifestyle is in line with Jesus’ teachings.

“Jesus rode a donkey, that was like the private jet of the day,” Dollar said. “He was all about pushing the boundaries. If he had been alive today he would have thought about riding a rocket into space.”

Odette Jackson, a member of Dollar’s World Changers Church International in Atlanta, was proud to fund his trip into space.

“I might be riding the bus, but I can tell my friends that my pastor went into space,” she said. “How many people can say that?”


  1. When will people learn.!!! Now Ms. Jackson that is the dumbest statement ever!!!! Him going into space ain’t saving one soul. And you a fool and will be riding the bus for years to come at that rate of stupidity! !! He’s an ASS and anyone putting one penny towards his space mission or anything he does is a total ASS!!!

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  2. Why to the Space and what for?
    Why not where the Isis rules and killing the Christian? preach to them to convert to Christianity
    Greediness and selfishness .
    There are much more poor people in this world that needs food and medicine.


  3. the problem washe was not behaving like a man of God he’s basically getting greedy. and on the backs of his parishioners. and if they are foolish enough to pay for his extravagant lifestyle so be it but he won’t get a cent out of


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