Trump Angry FOX News Moderators Behaved Like Real Journalists

Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore)
Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore)

By Billy Dane

The relationship between Donald Trump and FOX News has frayed to the breaking point. After having promoted Trump with regular appearances, FOX News is now horrified by the monster they have created. (Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi has branded their creation “Trumpenstein.”)

“We knew Trump was a boorish, loudmouth, sexist,” said a FOX News insider, “but we didn’t think he would make boorish, loudmouthed, sexist comments towards one of our female hosts.”

Trump is also angry at the way he has been treated by FOX News, which used to be a sympathetic voice.

“That debate was BS,” he said. “I thought they were going to ask me about my money and business successes, not actual policy questions. Where do they get off with all those tough questions?”

He also directed his fury at FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly, who peppered him with questions about his comments concerning women.

“How can she imply that I’m a sexist?” Trump said. “I have great appreciation for foxy dames. God knows I’ve hired and married enough. Megyn Kelly is nothing but a news babe anyway. This is what happens when you put hormonal women in charge.”

In other news, Trump has gone back on his promise to fund his own campaign and is now raising online donations. Many of them are coming from Democrats, who are delighted by the chaos Trump is causing in the GOP.

“Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to the Democratic Party since Sarah Palin,” said Susan Coleman, who made a donation to Trump.

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