FOX News Hosts Start Fund To Help Counsel Officers Who Shoot Black Suspects

Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Eric Bolling (The Political Garbage Chute)
Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Eric Bolling (The Political Garbage Chute)

By Billy Dane

FOX News hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Eric Bolling are launching the Darren Wilson fund, a fundraising effort to help counsel police officers involved in fatal shootings with black suspects.

“The fund will pay for counselling and help with other expenses while officers are suspended,” Hasselbeck said. “We can only imagine how traumatic it is when officers shoot black criminals.”

Bolling chimed in with support for the fundraising effort.

“Think of the damage this does to poor, white children when they realize their dad had to shoot some black thug so he could make it home,” Bolling said.

Hasselbeck caught flak a few weeks ago when she said Sandra Bland, a black motorist violently arrested in Waller County, Texas by Trooper Brian Encinia, could have used her lit cigarette as a weapon. Bland was later found dead in her jail cell. However, Bolling supported her views.

“Officers can never be too careful when dealing with black thugs,” Bolling said. “For all we know she could have hidden a gun in her vagina. Those black women have big ones you know.”

In the past, Bolling was forced to apologize after he accused President Barack Obama of “chugging 40s” and having “hoodlums in the hizzouse,” after Gabon President Ali Bongo Odimba visited the White House


  1. Thats the way these racist ass muthaf_ _kas are. These stations hire racist white people .they say something inflammatory about a minority they get a reprimand a black getz the f_ _ kin boot in the ass out the door or might go to jail. You feel me…


    • Dam AB I’m so tired of fox and their bullshit. All they do is spend every day talking shit on black people. I can’t believe we allow this to happen day in and day out. We need to boycott everything with fox. And whoever support them and their bullshit.


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