Trump Tells Roger Ailes to ‘Keep his Women in Check’

Roger Ailes (Sgt. Christopher Tobey)
Roger Ailes (Sgt. Christopher Tobey)

By Jamal Whiteman

Roger Ailes has apologized to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who complained about tough questions asked by FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly during the recent GOP debate.

FOX News insiders told The Business Standard News, that Ailes was very conciliatory in the call.

“He told Trump he would reign in Megyn Kelly and make sure she knew her place,” an insider told The Business Standard News.

Ailes said future debate questions would focus on issues that made Trump look good, like how hot his wife was and how he had made lots of money. Ailes also offered to send Trump talking points to focus on.

“Trump finished the call by warning Ailes to ‘keep his women in check’ and reminding him, he had brought FOX News great ratings,” the insider said.

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