Iowa Rep. Steve King Suggests People Should Have to Pass Credit Checks Before Voting


Rep. Steve King.
Rep. Steve King.

By Billy Dane

Rep. Steve King has suggested that citizens should have to pass credit checks before they vote. King said if people can’t keep their finances in order they have no business taking part in elections.

“How can people expect to understand the economics of the country, when they can’t even pay their own bills on time?” King said.

When challenged that this new law would prevent black Americans from voting, King bristled with anger.

“That’s not true, some white people have bad credit too,” King replied.

This proposed law would be just one in a series of Republican bills designed to suppress votes from blacks, Latinos, young people and poor people, groups that traditionally vote Democrat.

King is not the first Republican to suggest restrictive voting laws based on finances.

Tea Party Republican Rep. Ted Yolo once suggested voting should be limited to property owners.


  1. And just what does bad credit have to do with them voting , The IRS had my company mixed up with another and said we owed more than we made in a year . And that was just for on quarter .! We fought them to no avail . They froze my accounts (personnel and business ! Lost my employees , couldn’t pay them . Lost my house . Money froze and the bank foreclosed .! Lost our vehicles in the business Same reason as above . Had to borrow money from a friend to fight them . It took 6 months of calling them everyday . My lawyer yelled at them to PLEASE look at the paper work , instead of the damn computer! . The IRS finally found the error and said ” Sorry we were wrong . ” I asked them if they were going to make good on all the money and more we lost .The IRS said we are sorry about us losing all that we did , but there would be no restitution: . And you cannot sue the government for losses occurred . Now under the rule he wants to pass , we could not vote / My son owes money for his student loans and is couple months behind . No vote for him either . And neither can poor white and black people , They try canto make ends meet , and pay what bills they can , and feed the kids !. Bad credit for them also ! I guess Trump can’t vote either with four bankruptcies!

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  2. Since it was due to Bush and his republicans destroying the economy and causing the bust to begin with, takes a lot of nerve for ANY repugnican to suggest credit checks before voting. It is sooooo obvious they want the rich old white guys to run everything so they can get rid of everyone else!


  3. Someone with his empathy should be dropped off in the jungle far from the rest of civilization. It appears he has no concern for anyone who isn’t wealthy. F U Steve King.


    T REASON TO STOP AMERICANS FROM VOTING……….Voting rights in the United States
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The United States Constitution, in Article VI, clause (paragraph) 3, states that “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States”. The Constitution, however, leaves the determination of voters’ qualifications to the individual states to decide. Over time, the federal role in elections has increased, through amendments to the Constitution and enacted legislation (e.g., the Voting Rights Act of 1965).[2] At least four of the fifteen post-Civil War constitutional amendments were ratified specifically to extend voting rights to different groups of citizens. These extensions state that voting rights cannot be denied or abridged based on the following:
    • Birth – “All persons born or naturalized” “are citizens” of the United States and the U.S. state where they reside (14th Amendment, 1868)
    • “Race, color, or previous condition of servitude” – (15th Amendment, 1870)
    • “On account of sex” – (19th Amendment, 1920)
    • In Washington, D.C., presidential elections (23rd Amendment, 1961)
    • (For federal elections) “By reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax” – (24th Amendment, 1964)
    • (For state elections) Taxes – (14th Amendment; Harper v. Virginia Board of Elections, 383 U.S. 663 (1966))
    • “Who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of age” (26th Amendment, 1971).
    • Requirement that a person reside in a jurisdiction for an extended period of time (14th Amendment; Dunn v. Blumstein, 405 U.S. 330 (1972))[3][4][4]
    In addition, the 17th Amendment provided for the direct election of United States Senators.
    The “right to vote” is not explicitly stated in the U.S. Constitution except in the above referenced amendments, and only in reference to the fact that the franchise cannot be denied or abridged based solely on the aforementioned qualifications. In other words, the “right to vote” is perhaps better understood, in layman’s terms, as only prohibiting certain forms of legal discrimination in establishing qualifications for suffrage. States may deny the “right to vote” for other reasons.


  5. I lived in Iowa for over 20 years. I found the people to be warm, friendly with lots of common sense. I moved away several years ago. Now, I can’t help but wonder what happened? I can’t imagine an Iowan voting for this clown or Jodi Ernst! Com’n Iowans, get rid of these bums and vote for sensible politicians!


  6. Hi, I’m Rep. Steve King, and like lot of Republicans before me, I tend to say things that simply don’t make sense, and leave people with the impression I’m a complete, and total fool………


  7. Maybe Steve King should se what it’s like to make minimum wage and support a family on one income. Let’s see how great his credit will be after that!


  8. How about if we start with Steve King…since he is part of a Congress that can’t keep the country’s finances in order, he should not be allowed to vote in Congress or in any election until he keeps the finances of the House in order.


  9. Steve King is obviously trying to weed out minority voters who predominantly vote Democratic, which -coincidentally- happens to be the party he’s NOT a member of. This is no less obvious a tactic to isolate voters than the rigged, confusing literacy tests with extremely strict passing requirements that non-whites had to take decades ago. Each one was timed, had multiple questions purposefully worded to be confusing, were graded under the personal discretion of the one issuing the test, and if you got even one answer wrong you weren’t allowed to vote under the belief that you were not smart enough to decide who should be elected to lead.

    King is a racist fucking asshole.


  10. Why not base it on credit scores, everything else is too. They provide the usury trap, then enforce their discipline and punishments with everything else based on such measurements to coerce behaviors.


  11. I have managed to squeak through life with a decent credit rating, raised five children, and did all this on a salary most would think laughable. The ONLY thing that saved me was seeing there was a trap in all those credit cards the industry was pouring on me when I graduated from college. I chose and stuck with one. Even then, I was always one or two paychecks away from poverty. But the other shoe never dropped for me, like it has the millions across this country, and for that I am very grateful. How fucking DARE King and his ilk attempt to deny the vote to those who mistakenly accepted more credit cards that wise. You may not remember this, but in the early 70’s, companies were giving them away like candy! I wonder now if it was just another part of their master plan to govern by plutocracy. Shame on anyone who continues to vote these clowns into office.


  12. Apparently, if one is swept up into a whirlpool economy ‘spun’ into a cyclone, via politicians, then you no longer have the right, nor hope to ever vote for more competent politicians who may correct and prevent such a mess. Pure fascist logic.


  13. in that case Trump wouldn’t be allowed to vote declaring bankruptcy four times, and Scott Walker wouldn’t be allowed to vote having thousands of dollars of debt on credit cards at 27% interest

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