White Supremacists Turn on Coulter After Discovering She Dates Black Men

Ann Coulter and Jimmie Walker.

By H. Peter Johnson
Conservative Correspondent

A white supremacist group has decided to rescind an award to Ann Coulter after discovering she might have a thing for black men. Coulter, who makes her living selling books to old, racist white men, has long been rumored to have a predilection for black men. This issue was lampooned in a episode of “The Boondocks.”

The National White Alliance (NWA) has decided to disinvite Coulter from their annual conference, after discovering pictures of her arm-in-arm with comedian Jimmie Walker.

An email leaked to The Business Standard News found National White Alliance leader Will Cowan saying he could never look at Coulter again after discovering she was “unclean.” Coulter had been set to receive the NWA’s Eva Braun award for her new book, “Adios, America.” In the book, Coulter blames immigrants from Latin America and Africa for dragging America down, saying we should take in more immigrants from Europe.

Coulter fans on Stormfront were furious about the discovery.

“I can’t believe she would do something like this,” said Post Fred57. “She has ruined herself.”

“F**k that skinny bitch,” said SouthernKnight. “I’m burning all of her books. I can’t believe I put money in her pocket.”


  1. Africans were not immigrants. They were victims. Imagine yourself on that ship, stench,death,whippings, brutality, suicides, rape and on top of that barely no food to eat nor water to drink oh yea and shackles. You need to stop……….If I had one wish I’d like to see you in their place, but then you may enjoy it. Chocolate city on water. You are pathetic.


  2. Many slave owners enjoyed the odd roll in the hay with some of their property. Ann’s just doing the modern feminist version. Brilliant cartoon – it nicely illustrated the Ann from another dimension where she’s not just a bitter, angry and irrelevant bigot with attention issues that’s caused her to desperately seek out any attention she can get, even if it’s negative.


  3. Lol little do they know that their forfathers slept with and raped black women. So that make all of your so called blood tainted. Morons….


  4. That’s good for their ass. She played the hell out of them. You think she cares if they burn her books, she’s paid. That’s what they get, ready to follow anyone talking their stupid talk. Light minded faggets.


  5. What a load of bullshit. If this was true it would be all over the news. Libtards would love such an opportunity to slam her. Total bullshit.


  6. Really are you surprised. .she’s just doing what her make counterparts have done for yrs she fills it’s her white right to enjoy her a niggra..buck…so shut the fuck up moon krikkets all of ya suck dick


  7. Well now, that goes a long way to explaining why she has such hatred for the President. She lust for what she cannot openly have. Now, let’s see how longvitcwill take for her to implode, the darlng Ann Coulter of the white supremacists ultra conservative right. Go: 3…2….1……


  8. I guess the racist have not figured out that trump, bush, koch, and other aflunt whites r using them. Poor and middle class whites vote vote against themselves. The 1% only care about not color but as long as they can keep racist focused on hating minorities, racist won’t see that they r being used……they r your enemy not minorities. …


  9. This crap about blacks and whites being different in bed… it’s statistically not true, but more importantly it implies essential differences between whites and blacks that scaffold white supremacy. It derives historically from fears held by insecure white racists that black men were going to steal their women, and you all shouldn’t need to rant about it on the internet to feel proud of your cultural lineage. If you didn’t have the “big dick” stereotype to fall back on, you’d actually have to admit how much white supremacy still dominates you all and poisons our political, economic and social landscape in every way…and then you might get pissed enough to actually do something about it. This way, whites can steal your money, your culture, your education, your future, AND your women, but you can go “it’s okay at least I got a big dick”. Here’s a secret: THAT’S PART OF THE PLAN! http://southpark.cc.com/clips/103420/japanese-charm


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