After Jeb Stumbles, GOP Insiders Ask if George H.W. Bush Has Another Son

Jeb Bush (Michael Vadon)
Jeb Bush (Michael Vadon)

By Jamal Whiteman

GOP kingmakers are apparently not pleased with the performance of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who is the latest in the Bush dynasty to contest for the presidency.

Jeb Bush is currently lagging behind GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. And he hasn’t been helped by gaffes he’s made on the campaign trail. Jeb Bush has said we need to put troops back into the Middle East and removing Saddam Hussein was “a good deal.” He also blamed Obama for the chaos in Iraq and the rise of the terrorist group ISIS. However, Gen. Ray Odierno, who commanded troops in Iraq, said this is incorrect. ISIS grew out of the power vacuum caused when Jeb’s brother, President George W. Bush, ousted Saddam Hussein, Odierno said.

David Koch, a major campaign donor, has grumbled about Jeb’s performance.

“Doesn’t George H.W. Bush have another son?” Koch said. “This one is proving to be even dumber than his brother, and that’s saying something. He’s also married to a Mexican and we can’t have one of those people in the White House.”

Koch, and his brother Charles, are behind a political network willing to spend $900 million to win the 2016 election.The Kochs are alleged to be backing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

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