Herman Cain Calls Ann Coulter the ‘Robert De Niro of the GOP’

Herman Cain (Brian Stansberry)
Herman Cain (Brian Stansberry)

By Jamal Whiteman

Former presidential candidate Herman Cain has come to the defense of Ann Coulter, who is being criticized by white supremacists for dating black men. Coulter was supposed to receive the National White Alliance (NWA)’s Eva Braun award, however the group decided to rescind the award when they discovered pictures of Coulter on a date with comedian Jimmie Walker.

Cain lambasted the NWA’s action.

“I know Ann personally, and she is one of the kindest and most open-minded people I know,” Cain said. “She has a great deal of respect for cultural diversity.”

He compared her to movie actor Robert De Niro, who is known for his preference for black women. “Robert De Niro only dates black women, and nobody says anything,” Cain said. “Why can’t Ann date brothers? Ain’t nothing wrong with a little chocolate. I’m sure no one in the GOP will have a problem with it.”

In her most recent book, “Adios, America,” Coulter accused immigrants from non-white countries of destroying America. She also stated we needed to accept more European immigrants. She has also referred to Arabs as “ragheads” and said Latinos come from a culture where rape is acceptable.

Cain said Coulter’s white supremacist critics were probably Democrats.

“The KKK was always closely tied to Southern Democrats,” Cain said. “Her critics are probably liberals. They are the most close minded, judgmental people out there. The Republican Party believes in judging people by the content of their character, and to contribution society, not their skin color.”

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