Robertson Calls for Israel to become America’s 51st State

Pat Robertson
Pat Robertson.

By John E. Dexter
End Times Correspondent

Televangelist Pat Robertson has called on legislators to make Israel America’s 51st state. In a recent appearance on the “700 Club,” Robertson called for a formal political union between the United States and Israel.

“Israel is God’s favorite country, and America is God’s own country, so this would be a match made in heaven,” Robertson said. “We already give them $3 billion in military aid every year anyway and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu is practically a member of the GOP, so we might as well formalize the relationship.”

“Israelis already have a say in what goes on in this country, so they might as well be able to vote,” he said. “Plus, many Americans also have Israeli citizenship.”

Robertson also said a formal union between the U.S. and Israel could only work in our favor.

“When Jesus comes back and does some smiting, he’s going to overlook our sins such as abortion, gay marriage, pornography, Islam, psychology, yoga and witchcraft, and spare us,” Robertson said.

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