Chris Christie Suggests Teachers Get Minimum Wage Plus Bonuses

Chris Christie (Bob Jagendorf)
Chris Christie (Bob Jagendorf)

By Vernon Elliott

Republican presidential candidate New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has called for a reduction in teachers’ wages.

“Teachers are paid too much, that’s what’s bankrupting the system,” Christie said. “Some teachers make six-figure salaries and that’s not including retirement benefits.”

However, the teachers’ union points out only senior administrators make six figures and most of those jobs require doctorates. Most teachers make mid-level salaries.

Christie suggested a new teacher pay structure. He proposed teachers get paid minimum wage and a bonus for every student that passes standardized tests.

“Teacher pay should be determined by how well their students are doing,” Christie said. “They need to be held accountable. If students are failing, teachers are nothing more than glorified baby sitters.”

Republicans have long been hostile to educators who mainly vote Democratic. Recently Christie said he wanted to punch the teacher’s union in the face. And Republican presidential candidate Ohio Gov. John Kasich recently said that he wanted to eliminate teachers’ lounges, so they wouldn’t have a place to complain.


  1. applying this concept to other professions…. police get paid according to crime rate in town, governor gets paid according to efficiency of legislature, Docfors get paid according to cures of diseases and addictions, Cable installers get paid according to quality of programming, airline pilots paid according to number of polite passengers, ……


  2. Let’s hold politicians the same way.. and hold parents responsible for their own children not passing theses tests. Too many variables to be holding teachers responsible when parents don’t make their children do their work and go to bed on time. However, I do believe teachers shouldn’t be earning 6 figure incomes, but they shouldn’t be paid minimum wage either.


  3. Christie should make minimum wage with no snack slush fund. Who wants minimum wage employees teaching the future leaders of tomorrow. He needs to go


  4. Most of the wasted spending in education is paid to redundant management structures, private corporations and third party consultants.

    Consolidate the middle and senior management structures in each county.

    Before you tackle low test scores please work on reducing poverty in NJ and fix all the ills that it causes. Don’t put the cart before the horse to bolster your lust for power.


  5. He just lost my vote. He and his chorines should be the ones with minimum salaries. Basing salaries on test scores? What a stupid statement to even consider making. I AM A TEACHER. My role is to teach students, not test them and hope that they pass. I work long hard hours to make a difference academically and socially in the future of America. If it weren’t for teachers, where would the idiots in government who draw 6 figures be?


  6. As a teacher I’m sure there is administration getting paid ridiculously. But don’t target all teachers. His job or at least the way he’s performed his job does not even come close to what we go through day to day.


  7. “Teachers are paid too much, that’s what’s bankrupting the system,” Christie said.

    What a limited, short-term view of the problem. The Governor should go back to the 90s when his fellow Republican governor, Christine (Christie) Todd Whitman, “borrowed” about $4,000,000,000.00 from the New Jersey Teachers Pension and Annuity Fund so the citizens of NJ could have no tax increases. Yup, everyone (except the teachers who knew the stuff would eventually hit the fan) loved her then. When the fund administrator did the math and the fund was found to be in some trouble, who was blamed? The teachers of course. They were greedy or so the government said. The TPAF was one of the best funded in the state if not the country until a Republican governor decided to use some others people’s money to look as if she cared about New Jersey taxpayers. Talk about smoke and mirrors or a dog and pony show. Now the teachers are cast as the bad guys and this other Republican governor is going to jump on his discredited white horse and save the day for NJ. Really?

    “Teacher pay should be determined by how well their students are doing,” Christie said. “They need to be held accountable. If students are failing, teachers are nothing more than glorified baby sitters.”

    The Guv should take into account the number of students who are late, very late to school and miss one or two or more morning classes. He should also take into account students who sign into school and then leave for the day. And then there is the problem of students who are chronically absent, sometimes more than 90 days of a 180 day school year, longer for the teachers. What boss or governor would authorize full pay for a worker like that. Talk to the school administrators and the parents about that. If a student is not in the classroom, the teacher can’t have much of an impact on the student’s learning.

    Would the Governor like to have the people of New Jersey whose homes have not been repaired since Superstorm Sandy, grading him? I think not.

    Especially if the blame actually lies elsewhere.


  8. The problem is,not,the teachers. This state has more school districts then California. The have superintendents in school with less the 100 kids and some districts have no students at all. Why do they need a superintendent making over 100k with no students. This state is too heavy with administrators. That is the real issue. Not teachers making too much money. I know an areas with 5 schools. T administrators in a 2 square mile area. 3 of the 5 schools have less then 100 kids. None of the schools are on the. Same page academically. They do what they want and when kids get to high school you have several different levels of,learning as each school taught a different curriculum. Then it is the teachers fault at the high school because they can’t pass a state test? Really. Cut the crap Christie. Maybe we should pay you and the law makers in this state minimum wage and we decide if,you get a bonus based on your performance doe,the people it,this state. Stop blaming and start acting. Oh by the way. I have a mop,for you.


  9. I have a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree, plus 30 more graduate credits. I work 6 days a week, and I continue working at home. I’ve earned the right, as have the rest of the members of the teaching profession, to be paid as professionals. Considering how poorly our state is doing in many areas (although NOT in education, where our students excel compared to other states),its credit rating has been lowered 9 times, and his personal absentee rate is abysmal, perhaps HE should be paid minimum wage.


  10. No wonder he couldn’t make it through the primaries. Teachers cannot bring all students up to the same level, because believe it or not they all don’t have equal capabilities.


  11. While I totally agree there is some bad teachers paying minimum wage for something that requires a bachelors which they clearly had to pay for is stupid really. I also do not think Teachers are the only problem with the system. The problem is the way the school system is designed to teach. It works on memory alone and whenever a student thinks “Outside the box” everyone gets upset and labels them mentally ill. Oh no, they can understand complex subjects, they must have a disorder! Everyone RUN! While memorization does work at stuff like teaching the alphabet its not good for everything. Yes you need to remember A B C D – Z but at the same time you need to understand Context, Reading Comprehension, how to write, and be able to analyze material. You Memorize the rules, you understand the process. We also force kids to take classes they do not care about. Yes, everyone should know basic math and English and be psychically fit. However even at a young age its clear some children are better at certain things, and often we punish them for it. Oh your better at math than English? Well guess what we are taking away your math book. Making them bad at Math is not going to help their grammar skills. We should cater to the class to the student, we should not make the student cater to school. Its their future!


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