Evangelical Activist Says God Endorsed 2000 Election Fraud

Janet Porter
Janet Porter.

Evangelical Activist Says God Endorsed 2000 Election Fraud

By Hamish Balfour

An Evangelical activist claims God supported Republican vote rigging in Florida during the 2000 election. Janet Porter said prayers were the reason why Florida ended up going for George W. Bush, even though news stations had called it for Al Gore.

“God wanted a true Christian, like George W. Bush, in the White House, unlike the philanderer Bill Clinton and the Muslim devil-worshipper Barack Hussein Obama,” Porter said.

Porter also said God’s hand was seen in other parts of the election.

“It wasn’t a coincidence thousands of black people were kicked off the voter lists. Blacks have the mark of Cain, so they are never favored by God,” Porter said. “That was prayer warriors at work. God also convinced thousands of Jews, His people, to vote for Pat Buchanan, a notorious anti-Semite.”

Porter said. “God wanted Bush in power so he could try and save the lives of unborn babies. He heard our prayers.”

The George W. Bush administration failed to overturn Roe V. Wade and his invasion of Iraq killed about 1 million Iraqis and about 5,000 Americans. But Porter wasn’t concerned.

“Those Americans and Iraqis who died already got to live a little,” she said. “Unborn children never even got the chance. Anyway, God told Bush to invade Iraq. Evangelicals support a culture of life, but we understand that God sometimes endorses slaughtering millions of heathens. He did it frequently in the Bible.”

One comment

  1. It’s a shame when G*d is forced to resort to small-ball miracles like election correction to make sure that candidates who support Him will win. Why won’t the Demonrats and all other political parties stop serving Satan and just go along with the party that supports G*d? (Which, of course, is the party that proclaims loudest that it’s on G*d’s side.)


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