Kentucky Clerk Says He Won’t Serve Anyone He Thinks is Ungodly

BibleBy Hamish Balfour

A Kentucky clerk who says he will refuse to issue marriage certificates to gays because they are going to hell has also expanded his message to other groups.

“Of course the queers are going to hell, but they are not the only group,” said Casey County Clerk Casey Davis. “The Muslims, Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, Satanists, Wiccans and crystal-ball readers are all going with them.”

“When you stand for what’s right and when you tell someone of the danger that they are in, and I think that when a person lives a lifestyle of sin whether it is homosexuality or drunkenness or drug addiction or adultery or thievery or any kind of sin that you continue in or live in, you are endangering yourself of spending eternity in Hell,” said Davis according to Right Wing Watch. “So in my view of what the Bible says, when you’re truly loving someone, you stand and you lovingly tell them, ‘This is not the way to Heaven, this is not the way of right.’”

Davis said he would also start quizzing other people requesting marriage certificates to see if they were fornicators, masturbators, adulterers or living in sin.

“I also won’t issue marriage licenses to mixed couples,” Davis said, “because I don’t think God supports that. You didn’t see any mixed couples in the bible, so I ain’t marrying them!”

One comment

  1. He shouldn’t give marriage licenses to people who are UGLY, either! Becoz they’re just icky. And that would keep his mom Kim from getting married again. Nothin’ a boy wants to see less than his ma getting into bed with yet another stepdaddy.


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