Maher Says Americans are too Stupid to Vote for Bernie Sanders

By Jamal Whiteman

Bill Maher
Bill Maher

Political comedian Bill Maher thinks Americans are too stupid to vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders, a socialist,

even though he is the best candidate.

“Of all the candidates in the race, Sanders makes the most sense,” Maher said in a radio interview. “Of course that’s why the American public won’t vote for him. Bernie wants to scale back the Military Industrial Complex, end mass incarceration and introduce universal health care. But who wants that?”

Maher added Americans were terrified of the word socialism, even though we have many aspects of socialism, such as Medicare, the VA, social security and free K-12 education.

“Americans love all those things, because they don’t consider them to be socialism, even though they are,” Maher said.

Maher has frequently ranted about the lack of intelligence of the average American on his HBO show “Real Time.”

“You want an example of how stupid Americans are?” he said. “If you talk to the people who support Donald Trump, they’ll say, ‘Because he’s one of us.’ Oh yeah, Trump’s a billionaire, who flies around in a private jet and is married to a European model, but he understands working people.”


  1. “we have many aspects of socialism, such as Medicare, the VA, social security and free K-12 education.”

    Which is why America must get rid of all those things! Along with the socialist police forces and fire departments. Don’t forget socialist traffic lights, either. Goddamned nanny-state government regulations. If private enterprise controlled road intersections and established a market price for who got to drive through first using electronic transponders that engaged in a high-frequency auction bidding system, the Invisible Hand the creates the Magic of Capitalist Efficiency would mean that there would never be a traffic jam again! At least not for people with money, who are BETTER than the rest of you poor schmoes. Suck my exhaust fumes, losers!

    As for voting for tRump, I feel like I KNOW him, because I’ve seen him on TV. That’s why I voted for Schwarzenigger as governor when I used to live in California. He was so good in those movies. And even though Ahnuld had that secret second family while he was Governator and still married to Maria Shriver, it’s not like he was Bill Clinton getting BJs in the Oval Office. Because that’s totally different!

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    • You really are joking right? I mean this is a satirical comment on how ridiculous so many people are. I mean please tell you are not serious!


    • Socialism will not save you. Left and right is a false choice. Why should our wealth be given to the government before it is redistributed? That gives states power and leads to communism/corruption. Max wage at 100k a year/worker + 10k/yr of education + any money put towards pre-implementation debts. Choose a charity for the rest or the government takes and redistributes. If its been suggested by our society and loved by the media, its stupid. Hence, we support socialism and minimum wage rather than maximum wage and wealth redistribution. Scrap all government programs. No patents, so free market. People suck. Human nature corrupts. Government control is not solution. Governments are corrupt. Capitalist are corrupt. People are not naturally good. Do not put power in the hands of the few.

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      • Are you really that stupid as Mahr suggests. Seems as you are! We are a socialistic state. Western democracies are based of off FDR’s New Deal. This country’s golden era for all was when the rich were taxed at 90%. If the wealth of those is redistributed at the same rate that we pay, we’d live in a decent civil society. If not for our socialistic institutions our society could not function. God damn we’re doomed if you morons don’t wake up. You’ll be responsible for the extinction of the species. Though if we are this stupid than I’m afraid maybe our time has come. Now wake up and smarten up before it is too late.


    • As a conservative republican, I would get rid of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the EPA, the IRS, HUD, et al. I would drastically shrink the federal government, and give more power to the states. No free handouts. If you need help, go to a charity, or church. “If it is to be, it’s up to me”


  2. Trump provides racist and sexist rants that feed people’s fears. “Make America great again” – he means “make America white again” If we were more intelligent, we would accept FDR’s statement, “we have nothing to fear, except fear itself” I REALLY want to see Bernie become president so people can begin working together to rebuild this country’s brokenness.

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  3. Americans are like sheep led to slaughter…you can tell them anything and they’ll go for it. So yes Bill Maher is correct…they are stupid! Perfect example is in previous comments from Bukko who said he voted for Arnold “Schwarzenigger”…he felt like he knew him from watching his movies!! He doesn’t know him nor Trump. Sheep led to slaughter…I’m telling ya. SMH

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  4. I feel certain that Bukko Boomeranger was being sarcastic in his post and using that device to point out all the other things we would have to give up if we wish to expunge all socialistic endeavors from our society. Most people equate socialism with things like fascism, but they are not the same at all. Socialism is the larger group banding together to provide collectively for all certain social goods, health care is a great example, environmental protection, another good example, national parks, K through college education should be incorporated. Things that improve the strength of the citizens and their quality of life are what make this a great country. We have gotten severely side-tracked by greed and poking out gigantic American nose into the business of other countries. We would not tolerate for one second any other country on the face of the earth telling us how to do our business. We are not the planetary adults set here to boss everyone else around. If we focused on our own business, we would be so much more and better than we already are – everyone would benefit, the rest of the world would have no reason to revile us for being up in their business. It would be good for us all.


  5. Americans aren’t stupid, they’re ignorant. Our schools haven’t been doing the job for a long time, and worst of all, they aren’t teaching our kids to think. We’re going down the tubes because the rich and powerful have sold us a bill of goods that eternally distracts the people with relatively petty issues, phony economic theories, and religion. The only thing that MIGHT save us is the continuation of abuse of the powerless to the point where even the slowest among us starts to notice they’ve been bought and paid for. I don’t expect to be around long enough to see that.


  6. I see two ways to interpret Maher’s comment. Number 1: he is right… in the past American voters have voted against their own best self-interest. Number 2: I think this is his way of double dog daring us to vote smart this time.

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    • I think it’s both. I think he is just now finally coming around to maybe “helping” Bernie get the recognition he deserves. Good for Bill and good for us.. It will be so much easier to explain to people why Bernie is good, if they can see more of him on their TV’s .

      The good thing is that I don’t have to defend Bernie’s principles. He is good enough at that himself. I only have to help decipher his logic for the irrational.

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  7. France is rated as the best Health care in the world (it is single payer) rated as #1 by W H O ,,,,,,,and they ARE IN THE TOP 5 that have the highest minimum wage laws in the world, the minimum wages is A$16.87 per hour, A$640.90 per week, The President Francois Hollande of France is limiting executive pay by charging 75 percent tax on salaries more than one million Euros. This was approved by France’s top court,, France passed law making rooftop solar or gardens mandatory on new commercial buildings A French court has ruled that it is unconstitutional to cut people off from their water supply if they are unable to afford to pay for it. This means water companies in France will not be able to restrict access to water if a person cannot afford to pay.., France Passes Law That Forces Supermarkets To Donate Unsold Food To Charities
    and now they want to kick Monsanto OUT,,,Hmm,,,think they know something we dont,,,yea they know that the rich know that the Guillotine works very well,,,,,,as history will tell you,,,,,,,
    FRANCE IS A SOCIALIST COUNTRY…………………………………………………..*.note* AFTER public outcry the 75% tax was lowered to 40% for now with increases in later years,,


  8. Bill I love ya, but I think you are wrong on this one. Yes of course the idiots that Bukko described are kind of out of it, when it comes to voting for a reasonable person like Bernie. But I think the rest of America, the reasonable members of society, can back Bernie. We just need to help get him the recognition he deserves from the main stream media, because that is where most of those people get their information.

    I actually watched a segment of your show dated a couple of months back, where you glossed over Bernie’s candidacy yourself. Even though you surely knew who he was, you dismissed him as someone that could not catch or surpass Hillary. And now he is showing that he can get the support.

    So thank you for bringing his sensible campaign to your crowd. Keep talking about him, and you might be surprised in the primaries. I know I’m doing everything I can do to see him get the nomination. And I was someone that really only used to voice my choice of candidate on my Facebook status and then follow up by voting.

    But Bernie has lit the fire of fight under me to take him, his candidacy and his message more seriously, prompting me to take proactive measures to help him WIN. And all the rest of his supporters should be doing the same. Yell it from your roof tops. Join the social pages. PUT IN YOUR WORK, if you want Bernie to work for you.


  9. You people act like people who like Tr(i)ump(h) are morans! You’re so snarky, with all your talk about how he hasn’t given a clue about how he’s going to dramatically and instantly excise 10 million Mexicans from the fabric of American society. MANAGEMENT! People — those Meskins are like the fabric that’s sewn under the frame of your couch. Yeah, they’re hard to get at, unless you’re LOOKING REALLY HARD for spare change because you don’t have enough to pay the Domino’s delivery driver. I bet Tom Monahagn (founder of Dominos, one of the anti-abortin’ Michigoosers who put Dick Snyder in power as Gov. there) LOVES HIM SOME TRUMP! Because the people who adore Donald are NOT JOKING!


  10. Not all of us are asleep at the wheel! I too am voting Bernie and believe there are alot of us out here and he will win this! If anyone starts excising anyone, theyll have to go thru all of us first. Not all of us believe in buying political positions. and WE ARE NOT JOKING!


  11. Jerome…Schools haven’t been ALLOWED to do their jobs correctly, due in large part to the Koch brothers and their endeavors to control t he educational system by imposing testing, testing, and maybe a bit MORE testing. All kids are not created equal but now all the tests demand that they be taught the same way to the same test. Elementary school teachers have SO much on their plates that there isn’t TIME to address every child’s needs educationally. Every so often there comes along a new theory and a new test that really only recycles the same old theories that failed in the past.


  12. As a Bernie supporter, I think he can make it if the true vote is counted, but the oligarchs will make sure enough votes are flipped to take it away from him. The damned easily hacked voting machines and tabulators plus voter intimidation gave us Bush/Cheney twice as well as the Republican governors in blue states and the clowns in the U.S. Congress. I have to believe the smart people are still in the majority, but the Repubs who own the machines are doing the electing.


  13. If i didn’t want him already this germ theory denying pseudointellectual endorsing would turn me from considering Sanders….

    And if he paid any attention the polls he would have known Sanders has been ranking really well for months


  14. Allow me to make it as crystal clear, before I say anything, I am a huge, huge Bernie for President 2016 Fan, I to want to see him win. This is what I see an issue may be in regards to the melding of the political party’s: It is in his delivery with what/how he say’s some things:: Bernie keeps saying, “Be like” .. this country or that. Now, I would love to tell you a fantastic story of my childhood, but I won’t, respect, ok. But, here’s the thing: America is unique, American’s pride themselves with this huge difference among the nations of the world over. America, no matter what genes run through your veins is the land people ran to for freedom of choice. People did not come to America, leave everything behind and die for America, to “BE Like” any where else. To say, “do as” they do makes me squirm. I shutter as it reminds me of my fight every single day and at times by the hour for the most simply of things most people take for granite. When he speaks of “learning a thing or two”, “getting on board”, or “joining the rest of the Industrialized nations”, that isn’t so bad.


  15. Anyone willing to vote for Bernie Sanders should be sterilized to protect the gene pool starting with the moron Bill Maher. When Bernie takes 98% of his overpaid salary I wonder how happy he will be with his fellow morons!!


  16. From a Canuck- I don’t want to sound disrespectful but there is a reason why every other advanced democracy n the world, but not the richest country in the world, has universal public health care!


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