ISIS Expresses Admiration for Christian Fundamentalists

Gay men being thrown to death by ISIS.
Gay men being thrown to their deaths by ISIS. 

A statement released by ISIS, the terrorist group that has taken control of portions of Iraq and Syria, has expressed admiration for American fundamentalists.

Ali Abdullah, editor of ISIS’ online publication Dabiq, said they have a lot in common with the American far right.

“We both have a narrow world view, which we both think is right, we both believe in restricting the reproductive habits of women, and we both advocate the execution of gays,” Abdullah said. “We have a lot in common really. But they haven’t got into the whole decapitation thing. It’s really too bad they are kafir and need to be killed.”

Although Abdullah’s statement might sound outlandish, the Christian right does have some things in common with ISIS. Theodore Shoebat, a Christian fundamentalist, recently posted a YouTube video calling for a global inquisition to put gays to death. In the past, he has also said that women should be barred from voting.


  1. Those devious terrrrrrrists of IRIS or whatever it’s called this week are spoofing us, proclaiming something that they don’t believe, in order to make our Christian side look bad! What kind of twisted minds would do such a thing?

    It’s true that fanatical Muslims and Christians both hate homosexualists, and have second thoughts about letting women do uppity things. But Christians in Africa express their desire to kill the homos by passing LAWS! And in God-fearing American states such as Wyoming, predatory sodomites are strung up on barbed-wire fences like that Matthew Goatherd perv was in 1998. Which is TOTALLY different to throwing sissies off roofs or beheading them. The Islamic Stunt maniacs are just trolling Christians with this double reverse false flag conspiracy theory disambiguation BS. I can smell a fraud from a mile away, and this crapola from Alibi Abdullard is one!


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