Pimps Union Names Creflo Dollar Honorary Mack of the Year

Creflo Dollar
Creflo Dollar

By Jamal Whiteman

An organization representing pimps has expressed admiration for the work of televangelist Creflo Dollar. The Brotherhood of the Pimp Hand has named Dollar Honorary Mack of the Year.

Slick Willie, president of the Brotherhood of the Pimp Hand, said he had to give props to Dollar.

“Man, all of us pimps run game, but don’t nobody run game like Creflo Dollar,” said Slick Willie. “Our bitches kick us up, maybe a couple of grand a night, but Dollar got his bitches to buy him a $65 million jet! The best we can hope for is a used Cadillac. Game recognizes game, son.”

Dollar, an Atlanta-based preacher, was widely mocked for asking his church members to fund the purchase of a new Gulfstream. Dollar eventually took down the online fundraising page, but the church later agreed to buy the jet.

Dollar recently tweeted“Jesus bled and died for us so that we can lay claim to the promise of financial prosperity.” He later deleted the tweet.


  1. This is more proof of how Owe-bama has wrecked the American economy. It’s inflation! Last year, the BPH declared Fifty Cent was MotY. Nows U gotta holla a dolla where fiddy ¢ usedta do. And it’s all because the Debt Brutha at the top is destroying the value of the currency with deficit spending to buy Obamaphones for the welfare takers. Hmmmm, what do Obummer, Creflo, 50 and all the Welfare Cadillac Queens and strapping young bucks selling crack in da hood in Ferguson have in common???


  2. Bukko, with all due respect could you post your comment in a language that all may understand. I think I get some of your points but I can’t put them together in an attempt to understand your position!


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