Ann Coulter Adopting Two Children From Sweden

Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

By Jamal Whiteman

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter says she is doing her part to halt America’s rapidly- declining white majority by adopting two white children from Sweden.

“Since I am too old to have children the natural way, I have decided to adopt from one of the few majority white countries,” said Coulter. “Someone has to do something to stop this country from being overtaken by uneducated hordes from the Third World.”

Coulter, who is known for making offensive comments about Mexicans and Muslims, recently wrote a book titled, “Adios, America,” which warns of the impact of mass immigration from Latin America and Africa.

Brian Blank, spokesman for the National White Alliance (NWA,) praised Coulter’s actions.

“Ann might be too old to have babies, but at least she is doing something to increase the white population,” he said, “which is more than I can say for all those selfish white women who are not producing enough children.”


  1. Look at these Leftist phony hypocrites, a White person adopts from Africa and its praised, loser self hating Whites condemn mentioning the word WHITE. You idiots are the real enemy. sickening .

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  2. First- I’d like to mention that adoption for Miss Coulter is not a choice because she’s too old, but because when she was in her childbearing years, no man with integrity would procreate with such a monster.
    Second- Adopting two white children from Sweden, does not make them “White Americans”, it makes them white immigrants, which is exactly what she is the product of.
    Third- I hope I live long enough to see one or both of her immigrant children marry and procreate with a person of color. The one thing you forbid your child from, is the one thing they run to!

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  3. Ann Coulter is a radical anti anti anti compassionate human being and I hope she is not awarded the honor of raising anyone’s children….she is nasty, negative and vulgar and can only influence poorly since she is clueless regarding her spewing abject hatred and vile rhetoric.

    She is exactly what is wrong with America at this time in history…..prejudiced, negative and arrogant and narcissistic.

    Yes, REALLY…..DO we need is more Ann Coulter ASS-HOLES to drag us down into the muck and mire of divisive behavior that can only be destructive.

    she is an embarrassment to women
    all women
    and to especially to white women who represent and believe that all skin colors are equal!
    and to global consciousness… she is just a drag a rag and a hot air bragging hag.


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  4. The joke was on her! I read on Breitfart that those eeeeeeevil Swedes gave her two children from amongst the 3.2 million Mooslim boat people they have allowed into their cucky country. But when life hands Ann lemons, (like the ones that make her mouth puckered all the time) she knows how to make Muslemonade! The Breitshart article said she cooked ’em and at them a la the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale. Take THAT!, Islamic hordes. You might chop peoples’ heads off, but are you savage enough to EAT them?!? C-Ann-ibal Coulter, represent! Who’s terrified now, you terrorists?


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