Trump Considering O’Reilly for Press Secretary, Palin for Sec. of State

Associated Press
Donald Trump (Associated Press)

By Jamal Whiteman

Billionaire real estate magnate and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is already planning his future. In an interview with The Conservative Chronicle, a right-wing website, he outlined some of the people who would make up his cabinet.

“I am definitely looking at Sarah Palin, who has been a loyal supporter, and Bill O’Reilly,” said Trump. “I think Sarah would make a good secretary of state. She knows a lot of stuff about foreign affairs. Bill O’Reilly is a good family man and would make a great press secretary. He would knock the press into shape.”

Trump’s choice of words are unfortunate. O’Reilly recently lost custody of his children after his daughter accused him of dragging his ex-wife down a flight of steps. O’Reilly also paid a co-worker $5 million to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit and bragged about using prostitutes.

Palin was widely mocked for saying she could see Russia from her house, when she was Sen. John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential campaign. She also confused North and South Korea in an interview on the Glenn Beck radio show.

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