Jones Says Reporter Assaulted by Trump Campaign Worker Could Have Been Hiding Bomb in Her Vagina


Alex Jones (Brent Humphreys/Esquire)
Alex Jones (Brent Humphreys/Esquire)

By  Alan Tracy

Some elements of the right-wing media are coming out in defense of Corey Lewandowski, the Trump campaign worker charged with assaulting former Breitbart writer Michelle Fields. Fields says she was violently grabbed by Lewandowski during a Donald Trump rally and showed bruises on her arm to prove this.

However, some right-wing commentators have tried to discredit Fields.  Conspiracy theorist and radio show host  Alex Jones says Fields could have been an undercover Muslim terrorist trying to smuggle in a weapon.

“She could have been hiding a bomb in her vagina for all we know,” said Jones on his radio show. “Muslim terrorists have been known to hide bombs in their orifices.”

Jones is the not the first person to smear Fields. Trump has called her an attention seeker and claimed her pen may have been a bomb in disguise. Talk show show host Michael Savage said Fields could have been a “terrorist” wearing a “suicide vest.

One comment

  1. First they claimed Fields was “delusional” and lying. Video has proven that they are the liars, so they are going into attack mode, claiming she could have had a bomb in her vagina. !! Hey. Trump – we all know that all the media folk are screened by the Secret Service to make sure they’re not carrying any lethal pens. Get a grip and man up to your mistakes.


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