White Supremacists Won’t Vote For Cruz Because He Looks ‘Too Mexican’


Sen. Ted Cruz
Sen. Ted Cruz

By Hamish Balfour

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz may have soundly defeated Donald Trump in the Wisconsin primary, but he won’t be able to count on support from some sections of the Republican party.

White supremacists, who have been strong supporters of Donald Trump, say they won’t vote for Cruz because “he looks too Mexican.”

“When I first heard of him, I thought his name was spelled like Tom Cruise, but when I realized he spelled it with a “z,” I said no way,” said Brian Blank, a spokesperson for the National White Alliance (NWA.)

Cruz’s ethnic background is Cuban, not Mexican. White supremacists have come out in support of Trump. White supremacist websites, such as Stormfront, have reported jumps in their traffic because of Trump. A white nationalist Super PAC made robocalls urging people to vote for him. Blank confirmed his support for the New York real estate magnate in an interview in The Conservative Chronicle.

“I approve of what Trump is talking about,” he said. “He wants to make America white again.”


One comment

  1. I thought he was Canadian. Cruz LOOKS like a Canadian I met once. Pervy washed-out-looking fella, came up to me at a highway rest stop where I was taking a leak, started asking me if I had accepted the Lord Jesus into my life, while all the time he was staring at my dingus. Talked in that goofy accent that summathem Canajuns have, I think it’s from Newfoundland, only I call it “Goofhoundland.” I guess I shoulda chased him off then, but I hate to be rude to someone who says he’s a man of God. It wasn’t until he reached over and tried to cop a feel that I punched him. Laid the creep out with one hard right; dropped him into onnathem trough urinals they have at Midwestern sanitary facilities. I was still pissing when I rounded on him, so he really copped a spray on his polyester suit. He musta liked it though, because after I washed my hands — I do that all the time anyway, not just when I dirty them bashing some predatory sodomite — he was still lying in the pissoir, begging the next guy who came in to wizz on his face. Yeah, that’s the image that comes to mind when I see Ted Cruz. A sicko with a fat lip asking strange men to pee into his piehole. Maybe it WAS him! But I’m more inclined to think he’s the Zodiac Killer. Nobody’s ever seen the two of ’em in the same room together, eh?


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