Ted Nugent Getting A Show on FOX News

Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent

By H. Peter Johnson

Conservative firebrand and rock star Ted Nugent is being lined up to host a show on FOX News.

“Ted is an outspoken conservative and we think he will attract a lot of viewers with his show about topical issues,” said Barbie White, a FOX News spokesperson, in a press release.

Nugent is renowned for making inflammatory statements about Jews, Muslims, blacks, women and Latino immigrants. In the past, he has referred to President Barack Obama as a “a subhuman mongrel,” and “a piece of sh**t” and called Hillary Clinton a “toxic c**t.”

Nugent, a board member with the NRA, recently shared of a meme titled “2 N***ers and a stolen truck,” and has praised the use of the n-word in a column on right-wing conspiracy site World Net Daily.  In spite of these comments, Nugent has regularly appeared on FOX News.

However some people were enthusiastic about Nugent’s hiring.

“He should fit in alongside FOX News commentators like Mark Fuhrman and Eric Bolling,” said Brian Blank, a spokesman for the National White Alliance (NWA.)

Fuhrman became nationally known as the cop whose racist comments largely sank the O.J. Simpson trial. Bolling has been criticized for making racist jokes about Obama such as accusing him of “drinking 40s,” and hosting “hoodlums” in the White House.


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